Normal Polish  

For a glossy smooth surface of natural stones three things are essential: Machines, Abrasives (polishing chemicals and Clean water. First of all, we all are aware of the differences in quality arising from using Italian machineries and Chinese machineries. Secondly, abrasives play the most crucial role in removing the rough surface and exposing the true beauty of natural stones. Low quality abrasives are able to bring that shininess on natural stones and more importantly the shininess wears out very quickly. Finally, used waters which are reused without being recycled leaves long permanent scratches during polishing.

To your surprise, we use top quality Italian machines, Abrasives from the leading Italian abrasives company and recycled clean water through our environment friendly recycling plant. This leaves a highly smooth bright surface which reflects on the face of our customers. We do not boast of our competencies rather we humbly invite all our customers to visit our factory at least once to witness our production procedure from scratch.

Normal Polish- A "polished" finish is the shiny, high-gloss type of finish with the deepest color saturation commonly seen on marble and granite. Because a polished/shiny finish is so common many people believe that all marble is supposed to be polished or shiny. However, as noted above marble (or nearly any stone) can have a number of different finish types.
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